Past Projects

Whitehaven Coal
NCO Stage 2 Mine Construction

SCS were awarded the stage 2 bulk earthworks and detailed excavation at Whitehaven’s Narrabri Coal Operations (NCO) site, which included construction of vent shaft pad and access roads, Longwall Miner construction pad, HDPE lined storage dams and mine travel roads. SCS also completed a large amount of daywork civil and concrete work including concrete access road for boxcut entry, structural footing and bases for skyline conveyor and underground roadway concreting.


SCS were engaged with Golder associates to construct a 350mg storage dam for the Queensland gas project. SCS performed the bulk earthworks and detailed excavation works along with concrete structure work, SCS had to meet strict tolerances and tight guidlines to complete this job on time and under budget.


SCS were awarded a contract for the rehab of old lease sites back to natural surroundings, the works were highly important to Santos’ Narrabri Gas Project and heavily scrutinised in regards to environmental requirements. SCS completed the works above the expected standard and under time and continues a strong working relationship with Santos to present


SCS has provided earthworks and civil construction services to CBH at its Rasp Mine in Broken Hill for several years including major upgrades to Tailings Storage Facilities, Concrete spillways and ongoing dayworks


SCS has been the preferred contractor at Whitehaven’s Narrabri Coal Operations (NCO) site for several years providing all ongoing surface earthworks, rehabilitation and concrete & civil work with an outstanding record for efficiency, safety and productivity.